Find the Independence You’ve Been Looking for With Bradford Real Estate!

Do you crave the autonomy to run your real estate business the way you’ve always envisioned? Bradford Real Estate is structured to encourage our real estate professionals to pursue their career goals in the way they see fit. Whether you are a full-time REALTOR® or using real estate as a side business, at Bradford, you have the freedom to design your own path.


Break From Big Brokerages

Unlike large national brokerages where you must confine yourself to their standard, Bradford allows you to thrive in a less restricted environment while still being met with the support and resources you need to reach your career goals.

Bradford is a small business built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, who treat real estate like their small business. Chain agencies reuse the same recipe for each real estate agent and while that may work for some people, we believe that each small business needs very specific support.

Independence Aligned with Support

Bradford Entrepreneurs are given the independence they desire, alongside a community of like-minded peers, who are dedicated to expanding their business and their industry knowledge. While you may work as an independent you are never truly alone (unless you just really want to be!). But we take careful steps to ensure that our real estate professionals never feel as if they have been stranded on an island. Our pathway to success is lined by our non-competitive brokers, Tuesday morning coffee roundtable discussions, an open-door policy, and monthly educational Bootcamps presented by industry experts.

If you’re interested in making the move from agent to entrepreneur, we’re eager to meet you at either one of our offices in Nashville or downtown Franklin. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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